URGE World Music


Streaming Music & Podcasts that Inspire!


Universal Radio Green Earth is an online radio concept centered around positive and uplifting content bringing people together in celebration.

My life, like so many others, has been colored by musical notes that carry my heart anywhere and everywhere. The moments in my life with a soundtrack are rich in tone, seasoned by melody and linger in my memory like a good line that won’t let go. My heart is moved, my mind is forgotten and my soul is revived every time I listen to the right music at the right time. 

URGE is online music with Purpose! Spark a positive revolution in your soul. Create sound waves that inspire, celebrate and get up and dance. Music is a channel to awakening, and URGE is the Channel to awaken your spirit and your body while you give back to those in need. Our Library of uplifting tunes is curated from musicians and talent around the world that believe in making the world a better place through harmony and music.

URGE is a subscription music service that allows musicians and listeners around the world to create personal communities around their favorite music and raise cash for deserving organizations serving those in need.

I am interested in creating podcasts, and I believe URGE needs to be a collaboration of content and perspective. I hope that others in the Joyous Network, and even some of the musicians and artists involved will be interested to send in their own hosted shows, interviews, performances and soundbites for positive change.

The driving desire to give back to others through our celebration of life, music and dance is the core of URGE radio. The groups and people that are recipients of URGE philanthropic activities is open for selection.