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Just finding stuff that I Feel will help us Grow & Expand next year using JOYOUS CIRCLES as a Teamwork site; Wondering if you & I can save these & I’ll look around over the coming week & we can have a call & discuss @ WHERE to set these on JC for 2021 & how to Blog & Create more “ACTIVITY & SYNERGY ENERGY” Forward?!Thanks & Here’s to a Great New Year!!   Mark J
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SEE ALSO JOYISM = JOYOUSORAMA = written 10-30-16
  With apologies to Desiderata

  Flow Joyously amid the Joys, and taste, fully, the wonders of Life and remember what peace may be discovered; in silence or in cosmic tickles of laughter.
   Dance beyond the possible, and always, without surrender, be on great terms with Life and all living beings. Speak your truth clearly & gently: and listen to others. Uplift the dull and ignorant. Inspire them to rewrite their stories. Avoid negative and destructive persons & situations, for they are vexations to Spirit. Yet be open to Gifts of Change, for they also serve, who only block your way. Remember CHANGE is the one constant season in all of Life.

    Be mindful of the moment, living always in the here & now, but plant and nourish loving seeds for a better tomorrow. Dance to your own heart’s rhythms. Above all; to thine own self be true. Yet If you compare your elf with others, you may become vain or cynical, as always there will be greater and lesser persons than your elf. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Be Healthy, Happy and Whole! Keep focused on your own journey and growth, while remaining awake, aware and full of Love, Human Humor,  and Humility.

    Exercise compassionate care in all your relationships; for Life is full of surprises. But let this not blind you to what Virtue there is: many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of Joyous Heroism! Strive to make your deepest relationships into Real Elation Ships! Rise Up to your own Personal Greatness!  Be your Best Self! Live your Best Life! Embrace and Respect Love; for it is the source of all Life. And With the powers of Love, using Faith & Imagination, the Wings of human kind, you can learn to flower & fly on beyond limits!

   For nothing is impossible and truly only believing makes it so: for the Golden Laws show us how we create our world with our thoughts and words and actions….
   Take kindly the counsel of your peers & years, gracefully up cycling & sharing your Wisdom & Joy! Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. Don’t stress yourself with dark imaginings, as fear is often born of fatigue or loneliness.

  Beyond a wholesome discipline, be kind & forgiving with yourself; and others. We are all One: We are all wonder-bundles of Joy; Children of the Universe, no less than trees, birds or stars. We are the Crew of Spaceship Earth, and we each have a right to be here: a place of Harmony in the Grand Design. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt this Universe is unfolding as it should…

 Always Love, Evolve & En- Lighten UP! Train yourselves to be positive, stay calm, build bridges; grow strong. Be at peace, inside and outside, with God; or whatever you conceive Unified Cosmic Divinity to be….     Whatever your labors & aspirations, in the chaos-confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its shams, routines and damaged dreams, it is still a Beautiful, Amazing World! So be Cheerful! Thrive!!
Enjoy! In Joy!

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““Life’s objective is not simply to make you happy, but to make you grow.”

Mark Joyous