The Earth Flag Book


Right now I am working on finishing a draft of, ‘The Earth Flag Book,’ which is the culmination of decades of flying and reflecting on the Earth Flag in my life and watching it brighten the lives of so many others around the world.

During my years among the California Redwoods and local youth programs, I used postcards of Earth from Space to give them a BIG picture of Home as well as a close look into the Life of Pacific Coastal forests and exploring how a tiny Redwood seed can grow up to be big enough to drive a car through!

The revered City Park called Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs proudly flies the Earth Flag in addition to numerous symbols of local and cultural identity.

On Roatan Island, the Earth Flag was given to the Marine Conservation group to remind the millions of international divers that stay here and explore the world’s second largest coral reef and threatened ecosystem, that there are no boundaries when it comes to natural resources and the interdependence of our ecosystems.